Menchie's Frozen Yogurt QC District

Menchie started mixing when he was only a baby. It quickly became his passion and led him to do what he loves and love what he does: making mixes of yogurt and toppings with his sweet friends.

Together, the Sweet Friends represent the United Flavors of Yumm (UFY) and travel the world in the pursuit of yumminess with one mission in mind: to spread the yumm with smiles. In the UFY, any mix possible and all mixes are created equal.

Now, be a Sweet Friend and carpe yumm! Grab a cup, enjoy the sweet ride!

Within the next 20 years Menchie's will be a worldwide network of identical frozen yogurt stores, serving the highest quality product with the highest level of service while creating a happy experience for every guest. It will exceed $1 billion in sales and have more than 2,000 stores globally.

Guests will be able to go to Menchie's anywhere in the world and enjoy exactly the same experience every time: quality service, a quality product, a happy environment, a warm and friendly design, and cleanliness. Menchie's is designed to serve all ethnic and economic classes. Although all types of people will be attracted to Menchie's, it will appeal primarily to families with children and people who seek a happy, friendly frozen dessert experience with the ability to have the freedom of crafting their desires